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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

More settled and seasonal

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Misty sunrise

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

It has been a wet start to the autumn so far, but things are looking more settled and seasonal as we proceed towards winter.

October 2012 (to the 19th)
Mean Max 13.7C 0.2C below average
Mean Min   6.1C 0.3C above average
Mean       9.9C   0.2C below average
Rainfall     59.7mm 66% of average
Sunshine   73.2hrs   79% of average

October so far seems to be an uneventful month, weather-wise. Temperatures are near normal with little in the way of any extremes.

The only night with an air frost was on the night of 6th/7th with a minimum of 0.4c. Rainfall is also about normal, but sunshine slightly higher than would be expected this far into the month.

It was 25 years ago this month that the great storm hit the south east of England. So far, wind levels are a little below normal for October.

September 2012
Mean Max 17.6C 0.6C above average
Mean Min   8.0C 1.6C below average
Mean       12.8C   1.1C above average
Rainfall   88.0mm   145% of average
Sunshine 160.9hrs   128% of average

A very warm start to the month, with maximum temperatures well above average until the 10th.

From then onwards we had colder and chilly days with a very wet period on the 23rd and 24th. Rainfall on the 23rd was 39.5mm, and 22.5mm on the 24th.

The outlook towards the end of October is for a more settled spell of weather, with occasional showery outbreaks. Further into next month is quite difficult to predict.

The jet stream is further south than normal for this time of year which can either lead to cold, dry frosty weather or, if it moves a little further to the north, a very wet and windy spell of weather. It is very finely balanced at the moment.

But will it be a white Christmas? Read Phil’s predictions next time!

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