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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

One ice day of winter

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

February followed the recent pattern of nondescript weather with few, if any, winter extremes. The mean temperature for the month was slightly above the long-term mean, partly due to cloudy, dull, less-cold nights although we had a few cold days in the middle of the month.

There was some slight snowfall on the 10th and 11th but no real winter yet.

February 2017 (to the 17th)
Mean Max   6.9C   0.4 below average
Mean Min   1.7C   0.8 above average
Mean     4.3C   0.2 above average
Rainfall     26.5mm   50% of average
Sunshine 28.8 hrs 48% of average

January was a variable month with cold spells and some more unsettled weather towards the end. The mean temperature was 0.4C below the 30-year local mean – this gives the impression of a very cold month, but while the middle of the month was very cold, the rest was slightly above average.

There was also an “ice day” on the 26th, which is a day when the maximum temperature stays below 0C. It was the first for four years.

January 2017
Mean Max 6.3C 0.4 below average
Mean Min   0.8C   0.4 below average
Mean     3.6C   0.4 below average
Rainfall   69.9mm 103% of average
Sunshine 51.1 hrs 102% of average

As February ends and March begins, we can expect it to be quite changeable with rain, mostly bright and mild breezy days.

The computer models can’t agree on the long-term forecast for March. I feel, however, that the pattern of the last couple of months will continue due to the anticyclonic (high pressure) blocking of the major Atlantic storms – and hence the boring winter we have had so far.

Well, it’s boring for people like me who want a few extremes. At a Royal Met Society meeting I attended recently, I found a lot of weather people were as silly as me in liking extremes or unusual weather; even the professional forecasters were just as bad!

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