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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Rain turns to heatwave

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Summer skies

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

April more than made up for the prolonged dry spell with a wetter than a normal British spring. May was set to follow April until an amazing turnaround from the 21st onwards, with some proper summer weather…

May 2012  (to 27th)
Mean Max 15.5C 0.8C below average
Mean Min   7.3C   0.6C above average
Mean       11.4C   0.1C below average
Rainfall     45.3mm   82% of average
Sunshine 126.2hrs   84% of average

The month started as April had ended, with cold and mostly wet conditions – with no day before the 20th having a daytime max temperature above 20C, which is more the normal for this time of year.

With high pressure establishing itself from then onwards, there has only been one day’s rain since the 15th (6.7mm on the 18th) with wall to wall sunshine ever since. Because of the miserable and cold start to the month, the high temperatures recently have just managed to bring the monthly average to about the normal for May.

April 2012
Mean Max 11.1C 1.7C below average
Mean Min   3.3C   0.3C below average
Mean       7.2C   1.0C below average
Rainfall     133.3mm 194% of average
Sunshine   88.3hrs 75% of average

A cold start to the month with an overnight grass minimum of -7.0C on the 1st. Some short-lived sleet and snow on the 4th, otherwise a very cold, wet and changeable month. Rainfall of 133.0mm makes it the second wettest April on my site (21 years), the wettest being 152.7mm in April 2000.

The outlook towards June is uncertain. The computer models seem to be split, with either a continuation of the settled, dry but less warm weather, or a return to colder and much more changeable Atlantic-type weather.

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