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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Signs of spring

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Sunrise, Rowney Green

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

As in the past few months, there had been no extremes of weather during March as we went to press.

The first week was quite chilly, followed by a warmer spell between the 6th and 12th. The week up to the 20th turned grey and quite chilly.

March 2015 (to the 21st)
Mean Max   9.8C   0.2 below average
Mean Min   2.4C   exactly average
Mean       6.1C   0.1 below average
Rainfall     28.0mm   62% of average
Sunshine 75.4 hours 79% of average

February had a cold start, with a daytime high of only 2.7C on the 2nd. That said, it was a mostly dry and sunny month with 41.1mm of rainfall – only 79% of the local average.

There were few extremes to report, the month being drier and sunnier than the local average.

February 2015
Mean Max   6.8C   0.5 below average
Mean Min   1.3C   0.4 above average
Mean       4.0C   0.1 above average
Rainfall   41.1mm   78% of average
Sunshine 78.7 hrs 129% of average

Overall, this winter could best be described as an average British winter.

There were very few extremes of cold, rain or any snow lying.

Due to the lack of any prolonged cold spells the overall average temperature was 0.4C above the local 30-year mean.

Winter 2014-15 (Dec, Jan, Feb)
Mean Max   7.6C   0.6 above average
Mean Min   1.6C   0.1 above average
Mean       4.6C   0.4 above average
Rainfall   185.1mm   97% of average
Sunshine 239.3 hrs 149% of average

The short-term outlook seems to be still quite cold with high pressure tending to be dominant.

This, however, often leads to more sunshine, and with the sun higher in the sky, hopefully some warmer days ahead.

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Pictured: Sunrise over Rowney Green