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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Soggy start to summer

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Stormy skies

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

Writing about weather can sometimes be quite a dry affair – but not this June, with more than 300% of the local average month’s rainfall.

June 2012 (to end)
Mean Max 17.2C 1.8C below average
Mean Min   10.2C 0.4C above average
Mean       13.7C   0.8C below average
Rainfall     184.9mm 311% of average
Sunshine 61.5hrs   45% of average

A month to remember, for the wrong reasons. June had 184.9mm of rainfall, the second most rainfall per month after July 2007 (194.7mm). The month’s rainfall amounted to 311% of the local June average rainfall.

We were lucky to escape flooding on any major scale – the rain has been heavy at times but not prolonged. However, it rained on 21 days of the month, which is more than twice the expected level for June.

There were a few notable wet periods: 22.4mm on the 2nd, 15.7mm on the 3rd (equalling 38.1mm over 48 hours), and 12.9mm on the 6th and 17.7mm on the 7th (totalling 30.6mm over 48 hours). That’s 68.7mm over four days, well over the month’s average in a short period.

Sunshine, at 61.5hrs, was the lowest June sunshine locally for well over 20 years. There were eight sunless days – there are usually only one or at most two at this time of year.

May 2012
Mean Max 16.6C 0.3C below average
Mean Min   7.8C   1.1C below average
Mean       12.2C   0.7C below average
Rainfall     52.9mm 79% of average
Sunshine   158.7hrs 106% of average

The month started as April had finished with well below normal temperatures up to the 20th, and maximum daytime temperatures nearer the 25C mark for the rest of the month, bringing the monthly average to 0.7C above the May mean. Both sunshine and rainfall were balanced out with near-normal monthly averages.

The outlook towards July is little change. It seems that we may be set for a cooler and generally wetter summer ahead.

Computer models are often wrong and I feel that later into July we may see warmer and drier weather. The weather often has a way of balancing itself over a long period.

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