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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Spring proves elusive

Posted on March 19 2013 at 3:11:33 0 comments

Snowy scene

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

March has turned out to be the opposite of last year’s sunny warm month. Temperatures have been well below normal with a mean of 3.7C – that’s 2.5c below the local average.

This is the coldest mean since my averages started locally in 1990.

The daily maximum of 1.2C on the 11th was the second coldest March daytime over that same period.

With 12 more days to the end of the month, the rainfall is already 110% of the entire month’s average.

March 2013 (Up to 18th)

Mean Max   6.9C   3.1 below average
Mean Min   0.4C   2.0 below average
Mean         3.7C   2.5 below average
Rainfall     53.1mm   118% of average
Sunshine 53.4 hours 56% of average

Back in February, the temperatures were also colder than average, with some wintry weather and up to 5cm of snow.

Although there was a rapid thaw, the rest of the month featured some very cold days, only reaching 0.6C on the 22nd.

The mean temperature of 2.9C was the coldest February locally since 1996.

February 2013

Mean Max   5.6C   1.7 below average
Mean Min   0.2C   0.7 below average
Mean         2.9C   1.2 below average
Rainfall     57.8 mm 110% of average
Sunshine 72.5 hours 119% of average


The cold weather seems to be gradually moving away with more normal temperatures as we go into April – and possibly a more changeable spell of weather to start the month.

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