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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Summer average takes a soaking

Posted on September 28 2010 at 8:19:19 0 comments

So the summer ended with figures showing it to have been a fairly wet one, with 20 per cent more rain than average, although this was all thanks to August, during which we endured more than double the usual amount of rain.

Summer average June, July,  August
Average Max Temp 21.0C   +0.7C above average
Average Min Temp  11.7C  +0.4C above average
Mean Temp 16.4C  +0.6C above average
Total Rainfall  217.4mm  121% of average
Total Sunshine  473.7hrs  107% of average

August was quite cold and overcast with only 80 per cent of the local average sunshine. Rainfall of 146.8mm was 215 per cent of the local average, with 105.1mm (72 per cent) of the entire month’s rainfall coming in one week from the 19th-26th.  The end of the month even brought a slight ground frost.

The final figures for August were:
Max mean 20.0C -0.9 below average
Min mean  11.4C -0.3 below average
Mean 15.7C -0.6 below average
 Rain 146.8mm 215% of monthly average
Sunshine 120.9hrs 81% of monthly average
1 ground frost of -0.1C on 30th.

September, meanwhile, had been decidedly average, if a little wetter than usual, up to The Village deadline of the 21st. 

September so far:
Average Max Temp 18.7C +0.7C above average
Average Min Temp  9.4C -0.2C below average
Mean Temp 14.1C +0.3C above average
Rainfall 46.8mm  65% of entire month’s
Sunshine 98.9hrs 79% of entire month’s