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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Summer starts warm and wet

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

June had been very unusual so far as we went to press. It had a very warm start with temperatures reaching 25.8C on the 8th, one of the warmest June days for over 10 years.

Thunder had been heard on six days – this is often more than the entire year’s average, and was due to a series of low pressure areas on or near the UK.

The 16th was a very wet day with 27.6mm (more than an inch) of rain in 24 hours.

June 2016 (to the 17th)
Mean Max   20.1C 1.1 above average
Mean Min   11.5C   1.7 above average
Mean       15.8C   1.3 above average
Rainfall     87.2mm   147% of average
Sunshine 67.6 hours 49% of average

May was a near-normal month, with little in the way of any extremes, and temperatures, rainfall, and sunshine all near the long-term May means.

The middle of the month had a spell of dry weather, but otherwise quite unremarkable.

May 2016
Mean Max   17.2C   0.9 above average
Mean Min   7.4C   0.7 above average
Mean       12.3C   0.8 above average
Rainfall   59.7mm   107% of average
Sunshine 178.3 hours 118% of average.

Spring 2016 Averages
Mean Max   12.9C   0.1 below average
Mean Min   4.1C   0.1 below average
Mean       8.5C   0.1 below average
Rainfall   238.5mm   143% of average
Sunshine 427.7 hours 118% of average

Low pressure has been in control of our weather of late. There appears to be the beginning of a change developing; ridges of high pressure building from the Azores high pressure area.

Hopefully this will change the pattern to a more normal weather pattern with near-normal temperatures and our usual variable summer.

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Above: Storm clouds, Rowney Green