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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Summer still making us wait

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Mammatous clouds

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

May continued the trend for a colder than normal start to 2013.

Night-time temperatures were quite low with seven ground frosts, which can damage planting at this time of year.

We also had a particularly wet day on the 14th, with 27.3mm of rain falling in less than 24 hours.

May 2013 (Up to 20th)

Mean Max   15.4C   0.9 below average
Mean Min   5.4C   1.3 below average
Mean         10.4C   1.1 below average
Rainfall     56.3mm   101% of average
Sunshine 110.5 hours 73% of average

April also continued the trend of very cold months with a mean of only 7.4C which is still 0.8 C below the month’s normal temperature.

There were 10 consecutive ground frosts from the 1st onwards, and six air frosts.

However, it was a very dry month, with only 20.6mm of rain falling – that’s only 31% of the local average. Sunshine levels were near normal at 129.9 hours.

April 2013

Mean Max   11.9C   0.9 below average
Mean Min   3.0C   0.6 below average
Mean         7.4C   0.8 below average
Rainfall     20.6 mm 31% of average
Sunshine 129.9 hours 100% of average


The trend for colder than average weather seems to be still present into the next month.

Due to anti-cyclonic weather in the Atlantic, the chances are of more northwesterly winds or westerlies, which give more showery and less warm weather.

Further into June is difficult to predict – there may be a chance of a warmer southerly airstream later in the month.

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Pictured: Mammatous clouds over Alvechurch after a shower.