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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Sun shines on an autumnal chill

Posted on October 25 2010 at 10:05:08 0 comments

Evening colour

October proved to be quite a sunny month, with 114 per cent of the sunshine expected for the whole month with seven days still to go. This was after an average September in terms of temperature, rainfall and sunshine – warm to start, a colder period during the last week with fairly even rainfall over the month.

It is normally very difficult to predict the weather during Autumn, but it looks like it may follow the trend of the last year in being more settled than we would expect for November, which is one of the more wet and windy months in the UK. So to expect less rain than normal and probably more frost, and slightly colder than normal.

The final figures for September were:
Max mean 17.7C       -0.3 below average
Min mean  9.1C       -0.5 below average
Mean 13.4C       -0.4 below average
Rain 69.3mm       96% of monthly average
Sunshine 122.6hrs       97.4% of monthly average

October to the 24th:
Average Max Temp 14.0C       +0.2C above average
Average Min Temp  6.1C       -0.6C below average
Mean Temp 10.1C       -0.2C below average
Rainfall 56.0mm       77% of entire month’s
Sunshine 105.7hrs       114.5% of entire month’s