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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Super-dry September

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Norfolk Broads

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

September was a reversal of the trend that developed during most of August. It was very much drier than normal with only 2mm of rainfall, way below the mean for the month, making it the driest September in this part of the Midlands for nearly 50 years.

Temperatures were also well above the monthly mean at 15.9C; 2.0C above the local mean.

September 2014 (to the 19th)
Mean Max   20.6C   2.4 above average
Mean Min   11.3C   1.6 above average
Mean       15.9C   2.0 above average
Rainfall     2.0mm   4% of average
Sunshine   94 hours 74% of average

August started quite warm, with a thundery spell towards the middle of the month, but became much colder from the 16th with only a couple of days of maximum temperatures above 20C.

It was also a very wet month with 104.4mm of rainfall, exactly 200% of the local mean. The 10th and 25th had more than an inch of rain each; 26.4mm and 26.3mm respectively.

August 2014
Mean Max   19.7C   1.7 below average
Mean Min   10.7C   1.0 below average
Mean         15.1C   1.4 below average
Rainfall   104.4mm   201% of average
Sunshine 160.5 hrs 107% of average

Summer 2014 (June, July, August)
Mean Max   21.1C   0.5 above average
Mean Min   11.5C   0.3 below average
Mean         16.3C   0.4 below average
Rainfall   243.6mm   141% of average
Sunshine 545.8 hrs 123% of average

The summer would have been warmer still had it not been for August, with the lack of any warmth reducing the overall average temperatures.

The weather was set to stay quite warm as October began, but possibly slightly less settled.

The computer charts are split as to what to expect for the rest of the month, but one thing’s for certain: it will gradually cool down with more dull and misty foggy starts to the mornings.

* Two of Phil’s photos have been chosen for the Royal Meteorological Society’s 2015 calendar: the Norfolk Broads (above) for April and Sheep in the Snow for January.

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