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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Unexceptional – with exceptions

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Interesting skies over Scarfield Hill

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

May was a very unexceptional month with little in the way of any extremes: a high max of 22.2C on the 6th, and a very cold max of 13.0C on the 30th. A sunny month with 20% more sun than normal, and slightly wetter than average.

May 2011

Mean Max 17.1C   0.8C above average
Mean Min   7.6C   0.9C above average
Mean       12.4C   0.9C above average

Rainfall 69.0mm 124% of local average
Sunshine 176.2hrs 117% of local average

June was a month of just about normal temperatures with two exceptions – two hot and humid days with maxes of 27.2C & 27.5C on the 26th and 27th.

However the average for the month was slightly below average because of quite a few cold nights, with two ground frosts during the month.

June 2011
Mean Max 19.4C   0.4C above average
Mean Min   9.2C   -0.6C below average
Mean       14.3C   -0.3C below average

Rainfall 53.3mm 89% of local average
Sunshine 161.6hrs 119% of local average

The Outlook
The Atlantic weather systems are beginning to exert themselves again. This means more “zonality”, i.e. more rain-bearing fronts crossing the country from the west or north west, and cooler, more changeable weather a strong possibility over the coming weeks.

Picture: Interesting skies over Cobley Hill