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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

SEVENTEEN days without rain

Posted on September 21 2009 at 4:11:14 0 comments

Sunset over Cooper’s Hill, Alvechurch

A large part of September was very dry. Up to the date of writing (the 20th) there had been a 17-day run of no measurable rainfall, after 20.6mm rain on the first three days of the month – nearly 30 per cent of the monthly average.

The September maximum temperatures were slightly higher than normal at 18.5C, which is 0.5C above the average, with the minimum temperature 1.0C above average.

There had been 93.3 hours of sunshine up to the 20th, 74 per cent of the total expected for the month.

The average rainfall with some possible drier spells later in September. The high pressure bringing the dry weather will probably decline by the start of October, with more seasonable periods of rain developing later, with the weather more from the south west.

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