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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Wet start to autumn

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

The first few days of October started as September had ended; both warm and dry. Autumn soon changed all of that.

Rainfall occurred on every day from the 3rd onwards, with 31.6mm falling in just one very wet and windy day – the 13th.

Rainfall for the first half of the month stood at near 90% of the entire month’s average.

October 2014 (to the 16th)
Mean Max   15.0C   1.1 above average
Mean Min   7.9C   1.5 above average
Mean       11.4C   1.3 above average
Rainfall     79.1mm   88% of average
Sunshine   45.7 hours 49% of average

September was a very dry month with only 12mm of rainfall, which is only 19% of the local 25-year mean for September. There were only seven days on which rain fell, the most being just 5.3mm on the 23rd.

It was the driest September by far over this period – the next driest had 21.5mm of rain in 1997. Temperatures were above normal with a mean of 15.3c +1.4c above the mean.

September 2014
Mean Max   20.0C   1.8 below average
Mean Min   10.7C   1.1 below average
Mean         15.3C   1.4 below average
Rainfall   12mm   19% of average
Sunshine 143.6 hrs 114% of average

Making a forecast in the middle of October for the next month is virtually impossible. However, the wet and quite changeable pattern shows no signs of changing soon.

As we go into November there may be a change to a slightly more settled pattern of weather with some night frosts.

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