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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Wet, windy and record rainfall

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Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

February has followed in January’s pattern with strong winds and rain on most days.

There have been four dry days up to the 21st, but already 142% of the entire month’s average.

It has been a windy and stormy month with a maximum gust of 56mph on the 14th, this being higher than any gust in December.

Sunshine is around normal and temperatures well above the expected values for this time of year.

February 2014 (to the 21st)
Mean Max   8.4C   1.1 above average
Mean Min     2.4C   1.5 above average
Mean         5.4C   1.3 above average
Rainfall     74.6mm   142% of average
Sunshine   55.5hours 92% of average

January was a very wet and mild month. Temperatures were well above the average with only two air frosts.

Rainfall was nearly 275% of the 24-year average and there were only two rainless (dry) days during the month.

The barometer has been very low, only averaging 999mb, where the normal for January in the Midlands is nearer 1014mb.

January 2014
Mean Max   8.3C   1.6 above average
Mean Min   2.3C   1.1 above average
Mean         5.3C     1.3 above average
Rainfall   184.9mm   272% of average
Sunshine   69.6hours 138% of average

WINTER 2013-2014 AVERAGES (Dec-Feb)
Mean Max   8.6C   1.6 above average
Mean Min     2.3C   0.8 above average
Mean         5.4C   1.2 above average
Rainfall     338.6mm 178% of average
Sunshine   182.9hrs   115% of average

The trend of wet and windy weather would appear to continue to some extent into March, with a powerful Jet Stream still exerting its effect on our weather patterns.

There may be the chance of some colder weather towards the middle of the month, but as usual predictions are difficult to pinpoint.

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