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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Where did all the snow go?

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The supermoon

This winter has been full of contrast, with one of the coldest Decembers for many years followed by both January, February and March to date being completely snowless, which is quite unusual even in mild winters.

February was generally on the mild side with little in the way of extremes, although there was a windy period on the 4th, 5th and 6th with gusts of 49, 46 and 41mph on each of those days.

March, to the 21st, was a very dry and sometimes frosty month to date. There have only been four days with rain so far, with most occurring (7.2mm) on the 13th.

The outlook is staying dry towards the end of the month, with the chance of some more unsettled weather with showery rain into April.

February Readings
Mean Max 9.1C 1.8C above average
Mean Min   4.1C 3.2C above average
Mean       6.6C   2.5C above average
Rain 58.3mm 111% of average
Sunshine 47.8hrs 79% of average

March to the 20th
Mean Max 9.5C -0.5C below average
Mean Min   1.6cc -0.8C below average
Mean       5.6C -0.6C below average
Rain 11.0mm only 24% of average
Sunshine 79.9hrs 84%of average

The photo above is Phil’s shot of the Moon rising when it was at its nearest point to Earth for 20 years.

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