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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Year ends cold and begins colder still

Posted on January 20 2009 at 4:06:01 0 comments

Frozen canal at Tardebigge

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

December turned out to be a very cold month with an average mean temperature of +3.9C, which is -0.6C below the normal. The coldest night was on the 31st, with a minimum of -4.5C and a ground minimum of -7.1C. There was much less rain, too, with 49.1mm – only 63 per cent of normal.

The cold weather continued into January and as of the 20th, the mean temperature for the month was only +2.2C, which is -1.3C below normal. The outlook for the coming month seems to be quite changeable and windy but also colder than recent years.

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Weather lore:
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On measurements . . .
One of the letters to The Village last month seemed to question rainfall measurement. I should like to point out that rainfall is indeed very variable from one location to another, but it is also very important that the type of rain gauge and its location is also very important.

The figures that I quote are on my site in Alvechurch but are very similar to the Met Office values at a site nearby in Birmingham.

Pictured: The canal freezes over at the Tardebigge flight of locks.