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Weather Report with Phil Thomas

Year still waiting for a soaking

Posted on August 20 2011 at 1:23:28 0 comments

Newbourne Hill, Rowney Green

Alvechurch amateur weatherman Phil Thomas records the changes.

July was an average month for both sunshine and rainfall, with most rainfall occurring between 5th-8th and 15th-18th.

Some colder overnight temperatures kept the monthly average temperature below normal.

The continuing theme was of below average rainfall for the year.

To August 1, the annual rainfall was 302.5mm – that’s 39.8% of the year’s rainfall, and 74% of the local average to the start of August.

August again has produced little in the way of any unusual weather. Both rainfall and sunshine are some way below the average expected, with rainfall being still well below normal, resulting in a lower water table than would be expected at this time of year.

July 2011

Max 21.0C   0.6 below average
Min   10.9C   1.3 below average
Mean 15.9C   1.0 below average
Rainfall 48.8mm 79% of average
Sunshine 149.1hrs 96% of average

August 2011 (to the 18th)

Max 21.8C 0.5 above average
Min   12.1C 0.4 above average
Mean 15.9C 0.4 above average
Rainfall 15.9mm 31% of average
Sunshine 52.2 hrs 35% of average

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Pictured above: Low rainfall leaves the fields of Newbourne Hill, Rowney Green, yellow in the sunshine.