Saturday April 21 2018

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Celebrating the dawn chorus

Posted on May 30 2017 at 2:25:10

Watching the dawn

The only way to celebrate International Dawn Chorus Day is to get up early. Very early . . . almost-not-going-to-bed early, writes Keith Woolford.

The insomniacs were greeted heartily by Head Ranger Steve Hinton at the Lickey Hills Country Park Visitor Centre, before moving on to Bilberry Hill some 350 metres away.

Torches helped guide us to a spot overlooking Longbridge and the distant but dim Birmingham city which became more visible as the eyes became accustomed to the wee small hours.

As the light slowly came up, so did the first birdsong. The ears then joined the eyes in becoming acclimatised to the surroundings, and it was amazing how each song could be distinguished.

Fortunately, Steve was very informative on what was happening and why. One of our number made a recording on her mobile phone and as this was replayed, the bird joined in!

Once the light had made a proper appearance, Steve led us over Cofton Hill with an update on the necessary tree felling, and we visited the still-blooming bluebells down in Pinfield Wood and Narborough’s Field.

Did I mention it was jolly well worth leaving the duvet a tad early?

Photo/ Keith Woolford

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