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Solving posture problems

Posted on February 16 2011 at 2:26:33

Chiropractor Marek Gibson


Established for almost 20 years, Arrowbank Chiropractic Clinic in Cofton Hackett treats a wide variety of complaints from sports injuries to problems with joints, bones, muscles and even the nervous system.

Chiropractor Marek Gibson, who has a masters degree in the science and has practised at Arrowbank for the past seven years, says that the majority of conditions he treats are actually caused by poor posture.

“Posture is extremely important to the function of many joints and muscles, and I can provide ergonomic advice to patients and basically educate them to look after themselves better.”

He points out that we all pick up bad habits over the years, such as sitting on the sofa with your legs tucked up underneath you, leaning back too far whilst driving, or men sitting down with their wallet in their back pocket – while in many workplaces, the computer screen’s height is wrong or the chair is not supportive enough.

”Another example is sitting at your desk with one leg crossed over the other,” he says. “Most people always cross the same leg, which in time leads to the muscle groups on one side becoming shorter. In fact it’s a repetitive strain injury, which changes the functional movement of the joint.”

Marek is a firm believe that prevention is better than cure, and says that identifying and changing such habits now will help to prevent problems in the future.

“I’d like to raise awareness of these causative factors, as prevention is usually down to common sense,” he adds. “For instance, if your job involves manual labour, you really ought to stretch and warm down at the end of the day just as you would after exercise – you’d do this as a matter of course when visiting the gym, but this kind of job is more physically taxing than a workout.”

He adds that injuries are often caused when amateur sports players throw themselves into a game without warming up or down properly – while gardening fans who are very keen to get all their jobs done after the winter months can end up hurting themselves by doing too much in one go.

“Unfortunately, a lot of people ignore injuries or pain for as long as possible before seeking treatment,” Marek comments, pointing out that the longer a problem is left, the harder it is to treat.

Whatever the complaint, patients will receive an initial consultation to get to the root of the problem, before undergoing treatment such as spinal or joint manipulation to ease movement and activate underperforming muscles.

For instance, the mechanical restrictions in the rib joints caused by asthma and chest complaints can be alleviated by manipulation of the rib cage and mid-back, enabling the patient to take deeper breaths.

After the first few sessions, the patient is given “rehab” exercises to do at home, concentrating on certain muscle groups. Marek then offers ongoing ‘maintenance care’ with the patient attending every three or six months to check that everything is still in order.

All ages can be treated, from six weeks to 96 years!

Arrowbank Chiropractic Clinic
35 Ten Ashes Lane, Cofton Hackett
Tel: 0121 447 7812
Also at Moseley: 0121 449 7766

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