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Fiery Hill junction U-turn condemned

Posted on September 29 2015 at 1:38:04

Barnt Green Parish Council has urged planners to reject Cala Homes’ application to drop an upgrade of the tricky road junction at its development in the village.

The original plan for the homes includes realigning the junction of Fiery Hill and Kendal End roads to move it away from the railway bridge and putting a car park for station users in the gap.

Now the developer wants to leave the junction where it is and incorporate the car park into the housing development.

The parish council has objected, pointing out that if a realignment was required for the original approval “the need is even greater” now.

Councillors also complained that the new pavement on the south side of Fiery Hill Road would be lost and there would be greater problems of surface water run-off from the larger car park.

Parish councillors also insisted that if the new plan did go ahead there should be no access from the new homes to the car park because the spaces would be used by residents of the development, leaving fewer for station users.

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