Wednesday June 20 2018

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Hall seeks help

Posted on May 30 2017 at 3:20:10

Finstall Village Hall is seeking a new secretary to ensure the venue can continue to be run efficiently and provide a meeting place for the village and wider area.

“We cannot run the hall without the help of a secretary,” says committee chairman Rosemarie Ryan.

“Day to day we can manage, but our annual show in September is the big team effort and we do need someone in place to help us with that and other events.”

The new secretary does not have to live in Finstall but would need to be available for approximately six meetings a year, and available to assist with the organising of about three to four events during the year, plus minute-taking and writing letters as appropriate. 

If you are interested in the role, contact Rosemarie on 01527 875816 or 07788 178813.

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