Saturday June 23 2018

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Here we all go again!

Posted on May 30 2017 at 3:45:51

Meet the candidates hoping to be elected MP for Bromsgrove in the General Election on June 8 . . .


Sajid was elected as Bromsgrove’s MP in 2010, moving into public service after an international business career.

Since then, he’s also served as a Treasury Minister, Culture Secretary, Business Secretary and is now Local Government Secretary.

 “As your MP, I’ve stood up for all constituents, regardless of your political views,” says Sajid.

“Over the last seven years, I’ve secured increased investment in our local NHS including The Princess of Wales Hospital, The Alex and BHI Parkside Medical Centre. I’ve pressed for fairer funding of education in our local schools, and set records on local infrastructure to help reduce congestion.

“My three priorities for the next Parliament are: First, I’ll continue to support all residents and champion our local community in national Government. 

“Second, I’ll fight to deliver world-class health and social care, including better mental health and dementia care. Third, I’ll continue to back our local businesses, and make sure local people are seeing the opportunities they deserve.

“The choice is clear. On June 9, only one person can stand outside 10 Downing Street – Theresa May leading a strong and stable government in the national interest, or a weak, floundering and nonsensical Jeremy Corbyn propped up by a coalition of chaos.”

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GREEN – ‘Spoz’ (Giovanni Esposito)
Well, here we are again … and so soon! Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who voted for me in 2015; all 1,729 of you!

I’ll be standing again on June 8 for The Green Party, whose policies make perfect sense to me. A party of environmental, economic and social justice, fairness and compassion.

“The true party of “we’re all in this together”, so why don’t we all get on together for the greater good? Humans, huh? We’re a fickle bunch.

Based on my last election “success” (the Green Party polled more than double the votes in Bromsgrove since it previously stood, so I’m calling it a success!), many people might be saying, “What’s the point in you standing again, Spoz? You’ll never get in!”

Fair point, I guess. But, I’ve seen swathes of vulnerable people and communities being targeted by this wicked government. I’ve seen the NHS going “critical” under their watch. I’ve seen schools take a beating under their “leadership”.

“They’ve steered the ship into the rocks, because they own the lifeboats.

This Tory government is wrong and has failed on so many levels. Time for hope for the many rather than the decadence of the few.

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LABOUR – Dr Michael Thompson
Michael lives in Bromsgrove with his wife and two children, and works as a physics teacher at Bromsgrove School. He is an elected member of Bromsgrove District Council and a former member of Stoke Parish Council.

“My involvement in this community is well documented,” he says.

“I have fought to protect your green belt against large-scale development, lobbied the council to prioritise surveillance, campaigned against the M5 diversion through Bromsgrove’s villages and worked with local residents to save the town’s sports hall.

“I believe that an MP should stand up for the town’s people, as I do. The record of past Bromsgrove MPs, however, reads very differently: an expenses scandal, votes to cut disability allowance and, most recently, an almost bankrupting slash – by our own MP’s department – of our town’s Revenue Support Grant.

“I will, if elected, reverse this neglect and serve as MP as I have councillor – guided by the interests of those who elected me.

“We have set out policies to protect 95% of income earners from rises in tax, we are committed to building green economies fuelled by a highly-skilled local workforce and, above all, we will act in the interests of the many and not the few.

“In this way, we will ensure that towns like Bromsgrove thrive and are not forgotten.” 

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LIB DEM – Neil Lewis
Two years ago I wasn’t involved in politics. After the 2015 election, I joined the Liberal Democrats to change in the way we do politics in Britain. I have committed to work to deliver:

* £250m investment on our local NHS services
* Real action to reduce congestion, speeding, and air pollution
* £772 per year guaranteed ‘triple lock’ pension rises
* £30m for our schools and to protect our libraries from real term cuts
* New homes to be built on brownfield sites and disused properties first and protection of our green spaces
* And of course, to ensure that Bromsgrove avoids a decade of lost growth as a result of Theresa May and Nigel Farage’s hard Brexit.

My background is as an business growth entrepreneur. I have learnt that to succeed, you need to be hard working, work alongside people in their communities and believe in the value of what you do.

I offer my spirit of optimism for the future and my energy to the people of Alvechurch and across Bromsgrove.

Many of you have told me that you are uncomfortable with a Labour team led by Jeremy Corbyn and a Conservative party that sounds like Nigel Farage. I want to offer you a real world alternative to the old parties. It’s your choice and it’s your future.

Alvechurch Village ward by-election candidates:
Four candidates are contesting the vacant Alvechurch Village ward at Bromsgrove District Council on June 8.

They are: Kate Van der Plank, independent; Ken Wheatley, independent; Luisa Nixon, Conservative; and Siobhan Hughes, Lib Dem.

General Election hustings
The four candidates for the Bromsgrove constituency will be addressing voters at Bromsgrove Methodist Centre on Saturday, June 3 at 3pm.

Questions should be submitted in advance to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The views shown here are those of the individual candidates and not of The Village magazine

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