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And the decision is . . . no decision!

Posted on June 30 2017 at 3:19:46

I would like to submit two responses for the price of one.

I am delighted that the “straight man” [former parish councillor Edwin Gumbley] is making a stand over the proposed public toilet in Barnt Green, but I am disappointed that no decision has yet been made.

The most common decision in local government bureaucracy is to “decide not to decide”. This is why very little is achieved, but at least no one can get the blame!

Turning now to the outstanding landscaping achievement at Burcot: I congratulate Hannah Genders’ concept but this in my view has been totally destroyed by the hen coop or “Tardis” which has landed in its midst. 

A sore thumb or, as royalty would have it, a “carbuncle”; alien in design with a token pathetic gesture of a turfed roof.

David Barton, Weatheroak, Alvechurch

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