Saturday June 23 2018

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Bonfire smells great to me!

Posted on June 30 2017 at 3:41:46

Should you print my letter I fear I may be in a majority of one, or should that be a minority of one? You see, even though others may disagree (Left fuming by afternoon bonfire, June 2017), I love the smell of a bonfire.

A bonfire brings back many very happy memories of my childhood. A couple of years after cessation of hostilities after WWII many people were still “digging for Britain” and where I lived everyone seemed to be a keen gardener with rather large gardens.

Every Sunday morning, bright and early, they would be out digging, but the first thing they would do would be to light a fire, and this they would keep going for most of the day, fuelled by deadwood or anything else capable of burning.

There was never any fear of a complaint by the females of the families though, because there was still a by-law in place forbidding the hanging out of washing on a Sunday.

Things have certainly changed.

John B Holland, Alvechurch

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