Wednesday June 20 2018

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Cofton traffic ‘death trap’

Posted on May 30 2017 at 3:27:05

Firstly, I would like to thank Cofton Hackett parish councillors for all their hard unpaid work looking after the area over the years – in particular and more recently, trying to ensure the installation of a more effective traffic-calming system along Groveley Lane.

I read that their requests have been continually thwarted.

The county council’s grandly-titled “experimental, with a revolutionary new pedestrian crossing” traffic-calming scheme suggests to me that they are trying to disguise the fact this is an inferior and much cheaper system.

Personally, I have not been hoodwinked.

I fully support all comments made by parish chairman Richard Deeming in The Village April 2017, along with the letters “Cofton’s been short-changed by council” and “Cofton Hackett? More like Aintree or Brands Hatch” (May 2017).

In future I would urge other residents who may wish to register their complaints about the traffic-calming scheme to use this magazine as a vehicle (pardon the relevant pun).

Even with new signs, the perception is that general traffic speed has increased. The illuminated speed sign on the hill from Rednal Island is activated by the majority of vehicles, including frequent double decker buses.

Groveley Lane is a potential death trap. We need speed cameras along this road: HELP!

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