Wednesday June 20 2018

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It’s a small world!

Posted on June 30 2017 at 3:20:46

My daughter and I were sitting outside a pub in London, having chosen it at random for a bite to eat. An elderly gentleman came to sit at our table, and asked where we were from.

“The Midlands’,’ I said. 
“Where in the Midlands?” he asked.
“North Worcestershire,” I said.
“But exactly where?” he asked.
“A little village called Barnt Green,” I replied.
“That’s where I am from!” he said. 

It transpired that Simon Bendall lived with his parents, from the 1950s, at the corner of Twatling Road and Plymouth Road. He remembered that Mr Mitchell, or Mr Butler, lived over the road. 

We spent an hour as he reminisced about his early life, his parents, and characters in the village.

A lovely old chap, and what a coincidence to meet a fellow villager in London! I wonder if anyone here remembers Simon?

Tony Smollett, Barnt Green

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