Wednesday June 20 2018

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Mystery plant: can Mary help?

Posted on May 30 2017 at 12:18:10


Can I just say how much I enjoy Mary Green’s feature on the plants of our local area and their uses each month.

Her knowledge of the local fauna is remarkable and her articles are highly informative and make very interesting reading, particularly the history and uses of some of the plants she features.

I also have a little request if possible. There’s a woodland herb (pictured right) I’ve often seen in the Lickey Hills which I haven’t been able to identify, despite scouring a guide book and the internet.

If Mary wouldn’t mind identifying it for me, I’d be very grateful. I’m sure it’s something quite common but what it is has eluded me.

Thank you once again. I look forward to Mary’s next feature.

Dave Eckley, via email

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