Saturday June 23 2018

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Plant mystery solved

Posted on June 30 2017 at 3:18:46

Last month, reader Dave Eckley sent in a photo of a ‘mystery plant’, and wondered whether Mary Green, who writes our Village Country Diary, could identify it. Mary replies below:

Dear Dave – The photo of the plant doesn’t show a flower, but I’m guessing it’s a head of yellow flowers on a spike.

If so, it looks like a plant called Lamium galeobdolon variegata. I’m afraid it is a garden escape and a very invasive one in woodland.

It is related to our own lovely native plant, the yellow archangel, a more delicate yellow flower without the variegation on the leaves, which grows in ancient woodland including Pinfield Wood on the Lickeys and Peck Wood.

Despite being a bit of a nuisance, the garden variety is a very pretty plant too!

Mary Green

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