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Posted on December 03 2010 at 6:09:19

George Lord’s political demise means Alvechurch’s new representative in Worcester can focus entirely on fighting for her electors free from the demands of leadership of the county council.

We say “her” because, not wishing to prejudge democracy’s role in the forthcoming by-election, too many people around here vote Conservative for anyone other than June Griffiths to be elected.

There is, of course, very little a county councillor can truly influence on behalf of their electors, most county responsibilities being either too wide-ranging to campaign on a particular issue or too airy-fairy to matter.

But as traffic speed and ways to reduce it are top of most villagers’ agendas, Coun Griffiths will be ideally placed to press our case with highways chiefs at county hall. For years, we have received little more than lip-service from the highways department. There was, for example, frequent talk of 20mph limits through villages, but where are the signs?

Now Coun Griffiths can be our standard-bearer and her success as our representative will be plain to see by the time of the next county elections in May 2013.

THE DECEMBER 2010 issue of The Village is a record 84 pages thick as we strive to ensure there is always plenty of editorial space, regardless of the amount of advertising.

It is a virtuous circle of providing a magazine people want to read, which means the advertising works, which pays for a magazine people want to read.

So, until our next issue in February, thank you all for your support and enthusiasm over the past year and we hope you enjoy a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

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