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Tories would vote for a monkey

Posted on December 20 2010 at 8:00:56

On Thursday 16th December, Marlbrook and Alvechurch voters, albeit in small numbers, went to the polls to elect councillors to fill the vacancy at County Hall, Worcester, and one at Burcot Lane, Bromsgrove.

We should, I suppose, congratulate the winners, though with monotonous and predictable regularity, Conservatives were returned yet again.

It has been said, that Bromsgrove’s Tories would vote for a monkey in wellies and wearing a tutu, so long as both were blue! Cynical but true I fear.

The more worrying aspect of this stifling syndrome, is the false credibility that it endows on Westminster, which basks in a false glow of local government reinforcement.
Fine, but with this coalition’s honeymoon well and truly over, and an administration on course to be worse than their predecessors, what purpose is served ?

If Britain’s electorate don’t shake themselves out of their media-induced torpor soon, LIB LAB CON politicians in office will continue to meekly endorse the EU destructive policies and directives, and destroy us completely.
Think twice before you vote; there are real alternatives, and the growing number of votes for Independents indicates real dissatisfaction with the status quo.

A change is as good as a rest, and in May 2011 we can tip the cart over and gives ourselves in Worcestershire a break from LIB LAB CON and especially CON.

Peter McHugh

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