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Beautiful music of voices and bells in concert

Posted on April 18 2009 at 1:02:06

The combined concert between Belle Voci and the Waverton Hand-Bell Ringers took place on March 21 at St Laurence Church in Alvechurch and turned out to be a great success.

Although the Waverton Hand-Bell Ringers had to travel from Chester it only took them an hour and a half! On arriving they rehearsed in the church where they were delighted by the acoustic qualities.

The concert itself was divided into two halves with the choir singing first and then the Ringers taking over for the second part of each session. There was an audience of 135 which delighted the Ringers as we were told that they usually play to less than half that number, and the audience themselves were enchanted by the quality and variety of the chosen music.

The event raised £1,493 and after expenses had been paid the sum of £1,183 was handed over to the Alvechurch Bell Fund. The Alvechurch Tower Bell Ringers are working hard to raise at least £60,000 so that major refurbishments can be carried out in the Bell Tower before the Alvechurch Bells fall silent.

One bell needs to be recast and all the supports need replacing before they become unsafe. It is a race against time but following a lot of hard work and many varying events the Fund is already two thirds of the way to its target. Many thanks to all who attended the concert and helped move the fund a bit further towards the final goal.

The Waverton group expressed a desire to return and play again when the Bells have been refurbished. Some of the Hand Bell Ringers are also Tower Bell Ringers and are eager to ring a few changes on the Alvechurch Bells!

BV, meanwhile, will be holding their Summer Concert at St Laurence Church on Saturday June 6 at 7.30pm. They will also play at Hanbury Hall in July, then at another charity concert in Hampton-in-Arden and two more Concerts again at Hanbury Hall all before the December Candlelit Concert at St Laurence.

Enquires about any BV Concert to Martin Wright on 0121 445 4335.

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