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Posted on October 20 2012 at 1:29:56

Workshop at the Lounge

The Lounge, Alvechurch, was the centre of attention for a “diagnostic workshop” . . . which included making visionary models from Lego.

Under the guidance of community advisor Chris Allen, more than 25 people took part, from council leaders to the parish rector, to some of the young people who use The Lounge.

Only ten people at most had been expected and, as Chris says: “The turnout for the workshop, which far exceeded expectations, is a clear indicator of the level of ownership of the project within the community.

“The attendance by the young people themselves also demonstrates past good work. The connection with local elected members at parish and district level also indicates support from the public sector.

“It is also clear that those whose vision and hard work established The Lounge were very encouraged by this clear level of support.”

Attendees were asked to imagine the future and a successful three years ahead. Then came the tricky bit. They had to present their “visions” by making a Lego model. Despite some initial reservations, everyone got stuck in and produced some spectacular results.

“The models helped people identify that linking The Lounge to the rest of the village would help people come together more and give greater opportunity for young people to take part in music and drama with other organisations in the village,” said Chris.

“People felt that young people should also be given the chance to take more responsibility in leading initiatives, having their own horizons broadened and also then supporting the Lounge by volunteering to help the next generation.”

The continuing fall of nuisance behaviour would also be a sign of success. Since The Lounge was opened the police had testified that it had had a very positive impact – and hopes were that this would continue.

“A key area, which will always be a challenge, is to spend less time chasing funding to stay open – and more time running activities,” said Chris.

“Although the prime focus is on young people, it is not exclusive, and the relationship between all community members is vital.

“Part of this is continuing to develop The Lounge itself into a welcoming hub for all community members.”

Another workshop will be held to look at some of the themes uncovered by the evening.

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