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‘Cheryl’ adds X-Factor to New Year

Posted on January 01 2011 at 3:09:40

'Cheryl Cole'
‘Cheryl Cole’ was among the cast of characters summoned by the Alvechurch Morris to spread news of the past year during their New Year mummer’s play.

She was joined by ‘Simon Cowell’, ‘George Lord’ and the infamous Scottish Doctor for the medieval-style ‘newscast’ at the Crown Inn, Withybed Green, on New Year’s Day.

Even though it was raining for much of the time, a large crown gathered to watch the show, which also included morris dancing by the Alvechurch men’s side and the Alvechurch women’s morris, Aelfgythe,

They were joined by Plum Jerkum, from Warwick, and Armaleggan, from near Oxford.

From the Crown, the action then moved to The Square for further dancing before the protagonists enjoyed refreshments at Alvechurch Social Club.

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