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Festive lights switch-on ‘a debacle’

Posted on January 31 2016 at 10:51:41

Barnt Green’s Christmas lights switch-on is going to be revamped after the last one turned into “a little bit of a debacle”.

Parish chairman Robert Cholmondeley told colleagues there had been a problem after Santa’s arrival at Millennium Park by Rolls-Royce was delayed.

Meanwhile, the microphone used by the Rev Robert Fieldson for carol singing had been turned off and no one could turn it back on for Santa to be heard for the countdown to the lights switch-on.

“Apparently, Father Christmas was rather grumpy about it and now the parent-teacher association has got a new Santa for next year,” said Coun Cholmondeley.

“Some people have said the service is not like it used to be, but we do want something for the lights switch-on. I’ve suggested to Rev Fieldson we have a meeting. I would like, from a council perspective, that we maximise the use of the lights.

“Whether Rob wants to hold the service in the park and then we move to the park for the switch-on, perhaps, we do need to fine-tune it.”

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