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Hidden stream runs beneath Barnt Green

Posted on January 31 2016 at 10:53:41

A little-known water course has been traced running through the centre of Barnt Green.

Its path was shown to Barnt Green parish councillors by water management officer Tom Curwell, who covers the catchment area of the River Arrow.

“I’ve recently done some investigation through Barnt Green and it seems there is a water course that runs right through the village,” he explained.

“What I found surprising was that this is the first I have heard of it and it’s not particularly well known in the area. I followed it starting at the Scout hut and then it is culverted under the houses by the Barnt Green Club then under Sandhills Lane until it comes back up behind Victoria Mews, where there is a grille and then it goes through gardens and comes out on Bittell Lane.”

He had contacted the residents it could affect to alert them and to ask them to keep their sections of waterway clear.

Parish chairman Robert Cholmondeley asked if it would affect the insurance of the people written to.

Mr Curwell replied: “ This level wouldn’t affect it, unless they have had flooding in the past, which they would have to declare it anyway.

“I’m not telling them they are at risk of imminent flooding, only that if there is a blockage and a lot of rainfall there may be a risk of flooding.”

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