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‘Lights out over Cofton’ fear

Posted on November 23 2008 at 3:09:33

Cofton villagers could be left in the dark if a dispute between the parish and district councils isn’t resolved.

Cofton Hackett Parish Council heard that all the street lights in the village except those on Barnt Green Road and Groveley Lane were paid for by the parish council.

Coun Jo Brannan explained: “In the past Bromsgrove District Council gave the parish back 40 per cent of the cost of keeping them on. But now it has withdrawn that.

“We are being penalised as a parish council for providing and maintaining the lamps over the years, whereas places like Lickey and Barnt Green don’t have that expense.

“It is costing the people living in Cofton twice. I feel like saying that if they can’t help us we will turn them off,” he added.

Councillors agreed they would press to have the contributions reinstated and talk to Worcestershire County Council, which provides street lighting in other areas.

* Cofton councillors agreed they would seek Quality Parish Status as soon as their website – the last remaining requirement – was ready.

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