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New hall cash plea

Posted on June 30 2019 at 2:05:26

Trustees of the new Cofton Village Hall have made an urgent appeal for more funds, to enable the building to open this summer after a “disappointing” response so far from residents.

While the building itself should be ready for the handover, there is currently a shortfall in cash for furniture and equipment, which could delay the opening.

The hall, on the corner of Groveley Lane and East Works Drive, has been built by developer St Modwen as part of planning conditions for the construction of houses on the former MG Rover site, but the voluntary trustees who will be running it have been trying to raise the estimated £75,000 required to equip it.

“St Modwen have been fairly generous in including some equipment that they were not strictly required to provide, but around £41,000 is needed up front to enable the hall to open,” says trustee Canon Rob Fieldson.

“Cofton Hackett Parish Council is paying £10,000 for services such as fire and security alarms and internet, and we received a National Lottery grant of £10,000.

“Local fundraising events and donations have contributed a further £4,500 or so – but with a couple of generous exceptions, the response to the appeal letter sent to local residents was disappointing.”

The trustees are asking for villagers to come forward with donations towards equipping the hall – for example, £1,200 would buy an HD projector, £1,000 would pay for internet installation, £200 a lounge chair, £150 a folding table, £100 a hand dryer, £30 a stacking chair, or £12 a dozen mugs.

“Could your workplace make a grant or donation, perhaps in return for publicity? Do you know of a trust or charity which might give funding for such a purpose?” adds Canon Fieldson.

For details of how to donate, visit, or ring the Trust’s secretary, Shelagh O’Loughlin, on 0121 447 745.

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