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Novel plan to get car park built

Posted on December 23 2015 at 11:30:43

Alvechurch rail users are being urged to report any accidents at the station in the village.

Parish council chairman Andy Humphries told colleagues that the rail operator London Midland had said it would not take on the running of the station until Network Rail builds the car park required in the planning consent for the station upgrade.

There had been reports of people being hurt slipping on the new steps and councillors felt that a growing list of potential liabilities caused by reports of injuries may spur Network Rail into completing the car park sooner so it could hand over responsibility to London Midland.

“Can we encourage anyone who has had an accident there to record it and tell us about it,” said Coun Humphries.

“Perhaps if there are legal claims it will push Network Rail into completing the car park so that they can hand it over.”

Coun Adrian Smith said that as the car park – dubbed “the great lake of Alvechurch” – had filled with water during wet weather he had noticed a lot more cars parked on the roads near the station.

“It must be annoying for residents,” he added.

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