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Neighbourhood plan passes ‘with flying colours’ - now for the people’s vote

Posted on November 30 2018 at 10:41:26

The draft Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan has passed its independent examination with “flying colours”.

The final step is to put the plan to a public vote on January 10 and if more than half of the villagers who vote are in favour, it comes into force as part of the statutory development plan used to determine planning policy.

Adrian Smith, chairman of the neighbourhood plan steering group, told The Village: “I’m delighted to confirm the draft plan has passed its independent examination with flying colours and has been recommended to proceed to a public referendum.

“I have led the steering group consisting of many contributing members of our Alvechurch parish community and a dedicated band of parish councillors over the past six years.

“They have all thrown themselves wholeheartedly into the process. They have given up their own time, with little reward except for playing a special role in achieving such a tremendous result.”

Coun Smith said it was particularly rewarding that the examiner had only recommended minimal modifications to the plan’s text and had accepted every single one of its policies, without any being deleted at all.

“This is most unusual in the Neighbourhood Plan examination process,” he added.

“The next step is fast upon us. I urge all residents to come forward and make sure your Neighbourhood Plan is the first one to be adopted in the Bromsgrove district area.

“You can do this by voting ‘YES’ at the January 10th referendum.

“Make sure the Alvechurch Parish Neighbourhood Plan is the legalised first step for decision-making on planning applications in this parish.”

Coun Smith said the examiner, in his closing remarks, had congratulated the parish council for taking on a “burdensome” task.

“It has arrived at a sensible approach to deciding how sites for additional development will be selected and it has devised a comprehensive range of policies to shape that development,” the examiner added.

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