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Rendering decision due

Posted on March 28 2006 at 2:13:57

The Government planning inspector overseeing an appeal over the proposed rendering plant at Hopwood was due to have given his decision by the end of March.

The public inquiry went ahead over three days in February despite Worcestershire County Council withdrawing its objections to the planned chimney at Mayfield Farm with just days to go to the appeal.

The inspector, Brian Sims, considered requests for an adjournment – including the comment that it was “like Hopwood Boys Football Club taking on Real Madrid” – but believed he would be able to hear sufficient evidence to come to a balanced decision.

More than 100 villagers packed into the first day of the inquiry in Bromsgrove District Council’s main chamber, where the rear doors had to be opened to fit them all in.

In the absence of the county’s representation, the objectors were represented in the main by Jeremy Roberts, a salesman from Hopwood and the spokesman for the Hopwood Against Rendering Movement (HARM).

Recognising the “highly unusual” circumstances, the inspector went out of his way to allow everyone to have their say during the inquiry, where Mayfield Farm was represented by a QC and a number of experts.

A full report of the inquiry begins here. To read the inspector’s decision now see:

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