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Right-of-way battle looms

Posted on June 30 2019 at 2:00:26


Barnt Green parish councillors have vowed to keep up the pressure on CALA Homes to give all residents access to a public right of way.

The path that leads from Butterwick Close through to Cherry Hill Road was created as a condition of planning permission for the Foxhills development, but it is currently blocked by gates that separate five houses from the rest of the estate.

“Apparently this is due to safety concerns about people being able to go straight on to a road, but Bromsgrove’s planning officer has confirmed that it is a right of way so the path should be accessible to all,” said district councillor Charlie Hotham.

“I suspect there will now be months of argument between CALA, Worcestershire Highways and myself – CALA will probably say it’s too much trouble to change it.”

Coun Phil Perry, who lives on the estate, said that he had got through the gates by using the “trade” buzzer, but could not get out again as there was no keypad on the other side.

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