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School parking menace

Posted on January 29 2020 at 3:46:54


Barnt Green Parish Council is to increase its efforts to prevent vehicles damaging the grass verges on the corner of Greenbank and Hewell Road.

There have been problems at the village centre site, where residents have reported that damage is largely caused by drivers collecting or dropping off pupils at St Andrew’s First School.

There have also been reports of verbal and physical altercations between motorists and residents who have complained about the mess and their driveways being blocked by parked cars at the beginning and end of the school day.

In a report to councillors, parish clerk Tracy Bodley said: “Attempts have been made by the parish council lengthsman to refill and reseed the area, only for tyre tracks to reappear within hours.”

She added that the school was aware of the problem and had asked parents for more consideration.

The parish council is discussing a number of possibilities, such as holding a meeting with residents, the school headteacher, parent representatives and the police’s Safer Neighbourhoods officer at which the council could provide “impartial judgement”.

Another proposal could be to extend the double yellow lines on Greenbank, although this is thought unlikely to gain approval from the county council, and might risk moving the problem elsewhere.

Councillors could decide to plant large pollinator shrubs on the verges, or install sphere bollards or natural boulders to prevent parking.

There’s also a suggestion of introducing a “walking bus” for school pupils, which would eliminate the need for parents to park close to the school and would also bring health benefits.

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