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Speed signs reveal truth of traffic in our villages

Posted on April 17 2009 at 3:23:02

Flashing speed signs installed across the area have confirmed what a lot of people already suspected – most motorists speed through our villages.

Official traffic surveys have found speeds not to be excessive. But an unofficial survey by The Village found that as many as three-quarters of drivers broke the speed limit.

In the worst place, in Alvechurch, the flashing signs appeared to have little influence on motorists, with hardly any applying their brakes when they were shown to be speeding.

The findings reflect a national problem, with central Government now planning to cut speed limits from 30mph to 20mph on residential roads and from 60mph to 50mph on unrestricted single carriageway roads.

The Village watched flashing signs in Bittell Road, Barnt Green; at the start of Redditch Road on the south side of Alvechurch; and on Old Birmingham Road, on the top of the Lickeys.

The worst results were found in Alvechurch where cars heading south out of the village frequently activated the warning sign as they came around the bend at the top of Swan Street.

In 25 minutes 105 cars passed, with 80 (76 per cent) of them speeding, according to the flashing sign. Of these, only three used their brakes to slow down.

During the same time heading down Old Birmingham Road, near Lickey First School, 173 cars passed, of which 104 (60 per cent) activated the sign. Here, at least, the sign seemed to have some effect on the motorists, with 48 of them applying their brakes.

In Barnt Green, of the 97 cars heading south from the railway arch roundabout, 56 (57 per cent) were already travelling quickly enough to activate the sign, with only five of those braking to slow down.

If any readers want to carry out their own mini-surveys of nearby signs, just watch for 25 minutes, note down the number of vehicles when the sign flashes, those when it doesn’t and those whose brake lights show they are slowing. Send to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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