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Speeding plea down ‘black hole’ lane

Posted on November 27 2017 at 2:44:18

A Blackwell resident who describes a village lane as “the Black Hole of Calcutta” is campaigning for speed restrictions in the hope of preventing a serious accident.

Jeremy Hughes, who lives on Dale Hill, told Lickey and Blackwell parish councillors that vehicles regularly speed along the dark, narrow lane, and that recently a car ended up on its roof after a high-speed collision.

“The road is currently derestricted, which technically means 60mph – drivers are meant to use their common sense, but some don’t know the roads that well,” he said.

“The footpath is going to be improved soon but there’s no lighting. I have asked the county council’s highways department to consider a 30mph limit, but I was told there was no chance as the police wouldn’t enforce it.”

Mr Hughes added: “The Department of Transport and RoSPA are pushing for 20mph limits in risky areas – surely we could have an ‘advisory’ 20mph sign even if it wasn’t strictly enforceable?

“I have offered to buy and install signs myself, but [Worcestershire county councillor] Kit Taylor told me I would then be liable if something happened.”

Parish chairman Nick Forknell said the council would be happy to help with the cost of any signs, and agreed to push Coun Taylor to put the issue on the agenda at county level.

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