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Station lifts derailed

Posted on March 30 2019 at 3:34:25

Hopes of investment to pay for the long-promised lifts at Barnt Green Station have been dashed, but parish councillors are determined to keep up the pressure on Network Rail.

Parish chairman Robert Cholmondeley told councillors that Network Rail’s application for money under an Access for All scheme had failed.

“I am very concerned about it because it is now three and a half years since the new footbridge was put in,” he said.

“Also there is no recognition of the fact that it is part of something that Network Rail has done and it has not followed the law relating to disability discrimination.

“I think it is a point of principle and we should not give in. We know it is causing local people concern and I think we need to reply to the Department for Transport expressing disappointment and also point out the legal position.”

Coun Charlie Hotham said: “Perhaps we are coming from the wrong angle. The DfT provides money for Network Rail to do the work, so we might be better approaching the Minister for Disability.”

Agreeing, Coun Cholmondeley added: “I think we have to close the loop. The bottom line is we know what happened: Network Rail never submitted a proper budget for electrification and since then we have been fobbed off.”

* The parish council is also asking Network Rail to resolve the problem of water running off the temporary road installed during the construction of the new £1 million Cofton footbridge and making the bridle path “impassable” where it meets Bittell Farm Road.

“This winter has been dry and yet it is dreadful,” said Coun Hotham. “We need to tell NR that it is their road and they need to sort it out.”

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