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Sweet treats for Siena

Posted on May 20 2013 at 10:31:27

Siena and Victoria

A Bromsgrove schoolgirl who suffers from severe food allergies can now enjoy her very own sweet treats thanks to her mum’s ingenuity – and the idea has grown into a successful business.

Five-year-old Siena Wilkes, who lives on The Oakalls and attends Stoke Prior First School, was diagnosed with allergies to milk and eggs when she was a baby.

This meant she had to miss out on cakes and biscuits at friends’ birthday parties – until mum Victoria came up with some special recipes.

“I hated the fact that Siena was missing out – it was so sad to see her little face when she had to turn down birthday cake,” says Victoria.

“I started investigating ways to make cakes without eggs or milk products, and after a few failed attempts I found something that Siena really liked.”

Through talking to other parents, Victoria discovered that several of Siena’s school pals also had an egg allergy, so she began baking a few items for them as well – and through word of mouth, demand started to grow.

“I decided to turn the idea into a business, and Siena’s Sweet Treats was born!” says Victoria, whose product range is free from dairy, egg and gluten and includes cupcakes, cake pops, biscuits and muffins.

Siena’s Sweet Treats are sold online and at Bromsgrove Allergy & Nutrition Centre, where Siena’s allergies were diagnosed.

“Siena was about six months old when she developed severe eczema,’ explains Victoria.

“The creams we were given just didn’t work at all, so eventually I took her to the Allergy Centre – and they discovered the root of the problem.

“Within four weeks of changing her diet, Siena was a different child.”

Victoria is keen to raise awareness of food allergies as well as letting people know that they and their kids don’t have to miss out on treats.

She is involved in fundraising for Allergy UK, and she and Siena will be selling their wares in aid of the charity on June 8 at the Farmers’ Market in Bromsgrove High Street.

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