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The 29-car frozen takeaway!

Posted on January 12 2011 at 3:13:01

Village motorists who still think it’s safe to leave their engines running to defrost cars should beware after police found 29 vehicles ready to be stolen in one morning.

Community Support Officer Mark Hyder told last night’s Alvechurch Partners and Communities Together meeting that he was amazed how many vulnerable vehicles he found in the parish during just a few hours of Operation Reindeer.

“These were vehicles where I was able to open the door, remove the keys and knock on the house door and say to the owner: ‘Are these your keys?’”

Sgt Ben Hembury said villagers should take greater care because thieves were coming into the area on frosty mornings and scouting around to find cars ready to drive away.

“There are more frosty mornings to come - don’t risk it,” he said, adding that motorists’ insurance would usually be invalid if they had left the keys in the ignition and it was no good locking the door with a spare set because it only took a moment to smash a car window.

“And if you leave your car running and unattended on the road, you are committing an offence,” said Sgt Hembury.

On other matters, PC Albutt told the meeting that the mobile PACT sessions around the parish had been very well attended, with “wide-ranging issues’ raised rather than just the single issue that had tended to dominate previous public PACT meetings.

Among matters raised was the continuing problem of parents parking illegally outside the village schools in the morning and afternoon. Motorists would receive warnings for this, but there might be a need for further action.

Speeding down the A441 through Hopwood had also continued to be highlighted as a major problem, along with high speeds on Swan Street and Redditch Road and at the top of Bear Hill and up School Lane.

PC Albutt said he had been in touch with the Safer Roads Partnership and they were looking at implementing a speed survey in Hopwood.

A member of the public who lives in Storrage Lane between Rowney Green and Beoley told the meeting of the problems of 42-tonne lorries getting stuck on narrow lanes near his home after following sat-nav routes to businesses at Lower Park Farm, Beoley.

He urged the authorities to look at installing signage to warn of the danger and also to ask Bromsgrove District Council to talk to Royal Mail Postcodes about changing Lower Park Farm’s code so that sat-nav systems took the lorries along larger roads.

Finally, the meeting agreed to ask highways officers to look at the mini-roundabout at the junction of Tanyard Lane and Red Lion Street, Alvechurch, which had been put in as a traffic calming measure, but was now proving to be an unnecessary obstruction since the roads had been altered with the schools move.

  • The next Alvechurch & Beoley PACT public meeting will be held at Alvechurch Village Hall to concede with the Alvechurch Annual Parish Meeting on April 12 2011 at 7pm.

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