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The ‘any speed’ village

Posted on May 22 2013 at 9:45:11

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A village’s speed limits are unenforceable, residents heard at a special meeting called to tackle traffic problems.

More than 30 Finstall villagers were told that an initiative to cut speeding past their homes had uncovered a legal glitch.

Parish chairman Jon Prescott told the meeting at Finstall Village Hall: “The speed limit that we have on the road here is unenforceable. Any of you can get caught speeding and you will not get done.”

Local policing Inspector for Bromsgrove Sharron Cannings explained: “I’ve looked into it and as I understand it, there is no clarification around the regulation order.

‘We were going to do some speed enforcement and what we normally do is send that information to our Safer Roads Partnership and ask them to carry out some speed data analysis.

“We sent the information off to them, but unfortunately there has been some wrangling around the 30mph limit and whether it is actually enforceable,” said Insp Cannings.

“Worcestershire County Council’s highways department is looking into the traffic order to see whether it has gone through due process. They are aware that it is an urgent issue.

“Once there is some clarity we can then start doing some enforcement action using the process I have just described.”

Insp Cannings said that as an intermediate measure she had asked her staff to carry out some speed monitoring using a laser speed gun.

“Because the speed limit is not enforceable we can’t issue tickets, but we have been taking registration numbers of those speeding through the village and sending letters pointing out that in future there will be enforcement action.”

One resident asked if it meant speed limits on other roads in Finstall were unenforceable.

County councillor Kit Taylor said that he’d spoken to highways chiefs and there was “something wrong with the traffic enforcement orders around here” and they were looking at raising new ones.

He added that they were also looking at extending the 30mph limit all the way from Finstall to the Oakalls.

Resident Lucy Parkes said she had been involved in Finstall speeding campaigns before and “the only thing that will make a difference is to have physical barriers.

“Most people don’t give a stuff. If they are the type of people who speed and don’t care if they knock over other people’s children, then an enforceable 30mph limit is not going to make a difference,” she added.

Pictured: Data cables have been installed outside Finstall Village Hall to collect speeding figures.

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