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The vision for our village

Posted on June 29 2014 at 11:48:33

The Alvechurch Neighbourhood Plan steering group wants to hear more villagers’ views.

Following analysis of the results from village presentations and the survey last month, you told us that:

*  You want planning made simpler
*  You want less jargon and more information
*  The Vision was too long and, as suggested, it is now amended to:

Alvechurch Parish: a community where managed change and celebration of its rural character go together.

The Neighbourhood Plan is important for the future of all our villages and hamlets – the Parish as a whole – as it will help shape our development over the next 20 years, and will influence any planning decisions taken by the District Council.

It sets out proposals on a wide range of issues which reflect the views expressed by those who completed the recent survey, for which we are grateful.

You also told us:
*  Where you thought the best areas for Alvechurch future development post-2023 were
*  That the best positions for accessing facilities and amenities were those close to Alvechurch village  
*  Walking, cycling or public transport are vital options for travelling to amenities and facilities
*  We should have energy-efficient development and minimise harmful impact on the environment

Bromsgrove Council has issued Housing Land Assessments for sites around the edges of Alvechurch village. The Neighbourhood Plan group has put these sites into much broader areas – A to E on the map you see here – with site 1 being for separate consideration at the moment.

We will have to take some more housing. We need as a community to be able to say where we think the best places are, and the type and mix of housing we want. If we do not make our own plan we will have to leave this kind of decision solely up to Bromsgrove Council.

Your opinions are vital to this part of our community plan.

OPEN DAYS: Come and see all the information at Alvechurch Village Hall on Friday July 18, 4-8pm and Saturday July 19, 2-8pm

Members of the Neighbourhood Plan group will be available to discuss all these things with you. A copy of the Plan so far will be available for inspection at the Village Hall during the Open Day.

If you want to comment on any aspect of the Plan, contact the Parish Council on 0121 447 8016 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

More information is also available at


Here are the possible areas that could be used for Alvechurch future housing needed to take us through to 2030.

Some land owners in these areas have made it known to Bromsgrove that their land is available for development.

Areas for development

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